UFO Smart Mask Treatment

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Shaped like an alien craft but far from unusual, FOREO’s UFO Smart Mask Treatment brightens dull complexions and encourages a healthy glow. Designed to be used with the UFO activated sheet masks, this skin care tool is preprogrammed with the optimal temperature and pulsation intensity to give you the most enjoyable experience. LED light wavelengths combine to activate the benefits of each nourishing formula.


Lifts and firms skin

Diminishes the appearance of pores and reduces inflammation

Erases signs of aging

Kills acne-causing bacteria

Brightens dull complexion

Use with UFO activated skincare masks.

How to use

Press the button to turn UFO on. Using the downloaded app, scan the mask barcode and follow the instructions. Remove the attachment ring from UFO. Secure UFO activated mask on device by clipping the attachment ring in place, with FOREO logo facing up. Enjoy your smart mask treatment. 


UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device

UFO Activated Mask


USB cable


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