Enlighten Depigmentation Peel

What does the Enlighten Peel do? The Enlighten peel inhibits melanogenesis by paralyzing melanin production. It exfoliates the upper surface of the skin and is enhanced by lightening agents, and during the 2-step prescription peel that takes about 20-35 minutes, your discolored pigmentation is brought to the surface, which increases cell turnover. The peel goes even deeper to inhibit further hyperpigmentation. This treatment performed in office, then the peel is left on the face for about 8-12 hours. Phase 2 of the peel is the included home care that must be used for 4 weeks after the peel to provide continuous exfoliating & lightening.

Preparing for Enlighten Chemical Peel

  • Mandatory 2-4 weeks to minimize complication
  • Patients with no history of using prescription level hydroquinone products 4% and retinol 1.0% products.
  • > Highly Recommended to enhance peeling results (2 to 4 weeks)
  • Moderate to severe photodamage; dermal level melasma & pigmentation
  • Thick, oily and resilient skin
  • Patients who have never received any medical grade peels or lasers.

What to expect after the peel is removed?

• Week 1: Significant Flaking. It is normal to experience redness, swelling, dryness and tightness in the first few days

• Week 2: Gentle Flaking. Flaking amounts vary per individual skin conditions.

• In 2 weeks, one will notice the skin beginning to look brighter and more even in tone. The results will continue to improve in 4 weeks.

What does the Enlighten Chemical Peel Depigmentation System treat?

The Enlighten Skin Peel can effectively even out skin tone with targeted treatment to reduce or eliminate hyperpigmentation, melasma, blotchy patches, scarred skin, dull skin, freckles, and large pores. It is safe for every skin tone, including dark skin types. In fact, it has been called the best peel for ethnic skin. Patients with darker skin are at higher risk for hyperpigmentation from traditional peels, but the Enlighten Skin Peel is safe, easy, and there is limited downtime.

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